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Ping The Test you may need.

Somewhere in the galactics of the Internet... you need to do ping tests. Try this:

Ping Test


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Pinging can give you a measurement of the quality of your internet, and not just the speed.

How to ping? Enter your URL for Ping Test and get free SEO link from here to your website.

Network speed & network quality

Ping Test is the significant network test and will be used for diagnostic of network connections based on the TCP/IP protocol. Actually the ping test is the first test, each network professional do.

The game principle for Ping Test

Of course you know the table tennis, so called ping-pong game. The first player plays the ball to the second player and the second ping-pong player send the ping-pong ball back to the first ping-pong player.

This game principle will be used in the measurement of the connection time between two computers, servers or another two devices, like mobile phone, tablet or similar devices.

The ping test is important to understand, how fast two devices will be connected. Sometimes the packets – in the allegory above "the ping-pong balls" – will be lost, so the devices can not communicate on that layer.

Sometimes the weak Wi-Fi connections works only with permanently running ping test command, because the Ping Test let the connection alive.

Who cares about ping time?

The ping time is especially important for online game players who need a quick response from the server when playing, so that their action in a game is not delayed. Also extremely important is the ping time for website owners, who will be found in the Internet search or has e-commerce platform to interact fluently with visitors and customers. The users of VoIP (Voice over IP) and video calls (like Skype or Zoom) should be sure, they ping time is okay.

Ping Test measures the latency - the network delays in milliseconds. It shows how much time a data packet needs to pass the route from your device to the destination and back.

The fastest connection has the smaller ping time. The ping value is measured in milliseconds (ms) 1000 milliseconds = 1 second.

TIME ⌬ How fast the ping test should be?

Distance by ping test

The physical distance and the number of the nodes are important. The ping time depends on the length of the communication way and the amount of communication nodes, the ping signal pass through [ Your location – Node 1 – Node 2 – … Node x – Destination ] and back. The ping test depends on the amount of nodes on the path between devices. The ping data flows physically through the routers. It takes time.

Example: So if you want make competitive online business in Europe, you have to have good ping time within Europe. In this case it would make sense to make the ping test form very usually place in Europe to European location, where your server is placed. The ping test tool of PING.OOO.PINK is situated in Germany, Europe. You can test the ping time to each continent from Europe by using this ping test tool. The ping test tool shares with you the possibility to make test from usually (not to big, not to small) city in Germany. If you want to measure the ping time explicit from Africa to India you should use the ping test location in Africa.

The time of ping test

For the inland communication in such countries like Germany, France or Spain the ping value of ca. 20 ms is okay. For such huge countries like USA or Russia the ping time of 30-35 milliseconds inside the country is okay. The ping time in the same city should be less than 15 ms. The ping test time between continents could be over 200 ms. But it depends also on the communication equipment, you or the communication nodes between your machine and the destination uses. Some nodes or servers can be overloaded and you may have to wait until the equipment, processes the queue, your ping is in, is good to go. If you test the ping time to the Internet giants like most known search engines oder social networks you will get the perfect ping time of ca. 3 ms. Because they are very tricky and did huge investments...

With small tricks you can improve the ping time to your ping destination. To do it so once and sometimes you can use the service of https://ping.ooo.pink

How to ping

Enter the IP or the domain name in the mask, click the ⌬ button. See the result of ping test.

Twice tested you will – most probably see the ping time shortening up to two times, sometimes much more, sometimes less.

SEO Ping - better search results

To achieve the permanent good connectivity result for your website you should place the direct (no java-script, no redirection or shortening-urls-tools), do-index, do-follow link on your start webpage like that https://ping.ooo.pink/ooop.site [REPLACE "ooop.site" with your domain name].

This link will care for automatic refreshing of the nodes between Ping Test tool and your website, because the search engines will follow the way and see the backlink from the ping test tool to your website back. That is the additional benefit of the Ping Test tool. It is secured by the limit, so your webpage can not receive too much ping requests from this free Ping Test tool (no ping-of-death-attack is possible here).

For private users, who makes the ping test for online games or applications no need to care about such a backlink. Feel free to share the link to ping test tool on Facebook or Twitter and similar bookmarks platforms.

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Ping Test


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Ping Test


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